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Network Analytics-Based Personal Data Discovery for Regulation and Network Security.
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Developing recombinant antibodies with a targeted precision not obtainable using any other available means
The risk of unauthorized access is a real and growing threat for everyone. Aceiss empowers access security, providing unprecedented visibility and insights into user access. Aceiss helps make the world a safer place.
Aeromics is a clinical candidate targeting a molecular water channel for the treatment of cerebral edema in stroke. A paradigm shift in its understanding of water physiology was the discovery aquaporins, proteins that form water channels to allow water into and out of cells, by Peter Agre (2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry). Despite the vital role of aquaporins in maintaining water homeostasis and its implications in various disease states, therapeutic agents targeting aquaporins have until now remained elusive.
AlloMek, founded in 2011, is a privately held orphan disease-focused company, developing therapeutics for catastrophic cardiomyopathy (based on discovery by Dr. Worman’s group at Columbia University) and congenital muscular disease for which there are no disease-modifying treatments, caused by LMNA genetic mutations (laminopathies). In parallel, the Company plans to pursue other MEK-associated orphan diseases, specifically, Neurofibromatosis Type 1 and Noonan Syndrome. AlloMek’s lead compound, CIP-137401, is a unique, proprietary, macrocyclic small molecule MEK kinase inhibitor, it has demonstrated powerful proof of concept (POC) in a well-established mouse model of Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy caused by LMNA gene mutations. CIP-137401 can potentially be used as a single agent and in combination with other treatment options to enhance clinical response.
Precision medicine through deep understanding of cancer metabolic deficiencies
American Customer Care specializes in providing individualized contact with your customers. As the customer-facing voice of your brand, we see ourselves as an extension of your company, and we take that responsibility seriously. We offer a comprehensive suite of customer contact center solutions designed to help solidify and enhance your relationship with existing customers, as well as acquire new ones.
Arccos Caddie is golf’s first Artificial Intelligence platform. The award-winning Arccos Caddie app seamlessly syncs with Arccos Caddie sensors to provide golfers with Automatic Shot Tracking, Smart Distance Club Averages, A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder, Advanced Analytics and Caddie Advice for any hole on earth to help golfers of all skill levels make smarter decisions, improve faster and shoot lower scores. In fact, Arccos members improve by 4.2 strokes in the first year, some in as few as 5 rounds. And with Arccos you are 5.5x more likely to get a hole-in-one!
Artist Republik is a music business networking that allows independent music artists from around the world to take control.
Artizan Biosciences, Inc. is a biotechnology company with a mission to restore lives disrupted by inflammatory disease through innovation and advancement of microbiota-targeted therapies. We are leveraging our proprietary IgA-SEQ™ technology platform to distinguish disease-driving bacteria from the intestinal microbiota with the goal of developing new and potentially curative treatments.
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Arvinas focuses on developing novel therapeutics to treat a variety of diseases including cancer, pro-inflammatory, and autoimmune.
Asarasi is pioneering the recovery and bottling of an organic water from a plant-based source. We are positively impacting the environment by replacing the bottled water industry with the World's only renewable & sustainable source of pure water from maple trees!