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1906, one of the most innovative brands in cannabis edibles, creates groundbreaking functional formulations of cannabis and plant medicines. 1906's lineup delivers six unique experiences that promote sleep, energy, arousal, relaxation, cognitive focus and a happy mood, all in consistently fast-acting formulations using single-strain organic cannabis. 1906 supports medicinal cannabis research and invests a percentage of its revenue in clinical trials and educating healthcare practitioners. The company also invests in corporate social responsibility, specifically targeting employment opportunities for those formerly incarcerated individuals who have paid the heaviest price for a century of cannabis prohibition.
By continuously analyzing traffic and repository stores connected to your network, our network-based solution can detect all elements on the network that are storing, processing, and sharing personal data, both internally and externally. Whether structured or unstructured data, data in motion or at rest, and even data that is unknown to you, can track it for you.
3BC produces high quality hemp-based CBN that is both solvent-less and non-GMO. Our patented extraction methods produce a powder isolate of unparalleled purity.
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Abbratech develops human genome sequencing and Ab engineering services to produce highly specific recombinant Abs. The company's service offerings include antigen and project design, recombinant antibody development, antibody optimization, and antibody production. Abbratech addresses the current problems in the antibody development paradigm.
The risk of unauthorized access is a real and growing threat for everyone. Aceiss empowers access security, providing unprecedented visibility and insights into user access. Aceiss helps make the world a safer place.
Aeromics is a clinical candidate targeting a molecular water channel for the treatment of cerebral edema in stroke. A paradigm shift in its understanding of water physiology was the discovery aquaporins, proteins that form water channels to allow water into and out of cells, by Peter Agre (2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry). Despite the vital role of aquaporins in maintaining water homeostasis and its implications in various disease states, therapeutic agents targeting aquaporins have until now remained elusive. Aeromics’ drug candidate, AER-271, targets aquaporin-4 (AQP4), the primary water channel in the brain, and has best-in-class credentials for acute intravenous therapy for stroke-related cerebral edema (CE).
American Customer Care specializes in providing individualized contact with your customers. As the customer-facing voice of your brand, we see ourselves as an extension of your company, and we take that responsibility seriously. We offer a comprehensive suite of customer contact center solutions designed to help solidify and enhance your relationship with existing customers, as well as acquire new ones. Our agents are experts on your products, customers, policies, and procedures. In addition, our clients also utilize our back office support, CRM consulting, executive level project oversight, and sophisticated reporting capabilities. Whatever service we're providing for your company, our commitment to your brand comes through every interaction we have with your customers, whether it be on the phone, over email, or even via social media.
AmpUp is an electric vehicle (EV) software company that enables drivers, hosts, and fleets to charge stress-free. Our technology gives businesses and property owners the ability to efficiently manage multiple charge stations in one place. Advanced features, such as smart scheduling, dynamic access control and energy optimization provide site hosts more flexibility and affordability for their charger investment. Our community and fleet management system also allows site hosts to participate in AmpUp's peer-to-peer charging network, the largest and fastest growing in the world. Ampup was founded in 2018 and incubated at YCombinator.
Arccos is the easiest way to improve your game. Pair a sensor to each club just once. Then watch Arccos seamlessly capture your round data without disrupting your game. You'll get all your stats right in your hand, instantly. Arccos will enable you to make smarter choices right on the course, so you can have your best game, every game. Arccos comes with a set of 14 sensors, one for every club. The sensors are so light that they have zero swing impact. Simply attach them to the grip end of your club and pair directly with the free iPhone app. After that, there's no need to tap, touch or interfere with your pre-swing routine. Arccos automatically captures every step of your golf game without interruption.
Artist Republik is an innovative, decentralized, music business networking that allows independent music artists from around the world to take control of their own careers through networking, centralized resources, and AI-based management tools. Artist Republik was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island.
Artizan Biosciences provides pharmaceutical drug development services, namely, the development of small molecule drugs for use in humans. The Durham-based biotech company declined to disclose its intended use of the proceeds from this offering, as well as its current revenue range.
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Arvinas is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing novel therapeutics to treat a variety of diseases including cancer, pro-inflammatory, autoimmune and rare diseases. Its proprietary approach is the targeting of disease-causing proteins for degradation thus eliminating them from the body. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Connecticut, United States.