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New Haven, CT, USA


AtlasXomics, a 2020 Yale spin-out, is commercializing a novel discovery platform that provides clinicians and researchers with unprecedented multi-omics tissue atlases. This innovative platform, called “Deterministic Barcoding in Tissue for spatial-omics sequencing” (DBiT-seq), was developed by Dr. Rong Fan, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Yale University. DBiT-seq leverages microfluidics and next generation sequencing (NGS) to create transformative multi-omic maps (proteomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics) in tissue at cellular resolution, unlocking information about interactions between cells in localized neighborhoods. The platform was published in Cell in 2020. DBiT-seq is the first platform to offer spatial ATAC-seq and spatial CUT & Tag for mapping chromatin accessibility and histone modifications across the entire genome in tissue.

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