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Microfluidics Technician



New Haven, CT, USA
Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2023
Job Description

AtlasXomics Inc., a New Haven, CT-based biotech startup seeks a motivated, innovative, and driven individual to assist with the fabrication, testing, and design of microfluidic devices which form the basis of the Company’s multi-omic molecular mapping services.

Key responsibilities:

 Form an integral part of the team tasked with translating an exciting new technique into a well-validated, robust, and scalable commercial platform

 Fabricate elastomeric (PDMS) microfluidic devices using soft lithography for use by our internal biology lab, including cleaning, scanning, logging, and hole drilling

 Contribute to and maintain database of work product enabling error tracking and

retrospective statistical analysis of performance-critical features

 Help advance the AtlasXomics hardware platform, including design and workflow


Key attributes:

 Responsibility, organization, and diligence

 Skill and patience while performing detailed manual tasks

 Open to receiving and providing collaborative and constructive feedback

 Relevant education/experience: undergraduate degree in a technical field, and/or have academic or professional experience demonstrating a capability to learn and

successfully execute a detailed process

 Ability to work full time, on-site in New Haven, CT

AtlasXomics: Mapping cell communities.

AtlasXomics Inc. provides tools which map cell communities with cellular resolution. Founded in 2020, it is currently focused on commercializing DBiT-seq, a cutting-edge spatial multi-omics technique invented by Professor Rong Fan at Yale University. We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourage applicants with various experiences and backgrounds. We offer competitive salary and benefits.

To apply, send a resume and introductory letter to In your letter, please include an example of how you overcame a significant challenge when being introduced to a new role or set of responsibilities.