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Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India · Gurugram, Haryana, India
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

About Us:
Founded in 2019, Peer Robotics is a collaborative mobile robotics company, building material handling solutions for small and medium-scale manufacturers. Today’s automation is complicated to integrate and deploy, limiting adoption to large enterprises. At Peer, we have brought together a team of experts in the field of robotics, hardware, and software to build robots capable of learning from humans in real-time, providing flexible and adaptable solutions that people on the shop floor can deploy.

Our vision is to build robots that are as simple as smart home devices to integrate and deploy on the shop floors. We are a venture-backed startup with active sales, deployments, and revenue in the US and India. With a strong focus on R&D and product development.

Our target customers are automotive, electronics, machine tools, and aerospace manufacturers with revenues between $50-$200M, typically privately-owned and tier 2-3 suppliers of large enterprises.

Role Overview
Robotics engineers will operate both as an entrepreneur and advanced individual contributors. Using a broad range of skills and practical experience in successfully building intelligence modules for mobile robots, the role will require building a software stack and advanced algorithms for Mapping, Computer Vision, or Navigation aspects of mobile robots. The role will require communication with potential customers, understanding their requirements and pain points, and building intelligent modules that can help small and medium-scale manufacturers with simple automation. Year 1 goal will be to completely lead the division and release 1-2 new versions/upgrades of the navigation or mapping modules.

Location: Gurugram

Desired Experience: Successful in building navigation or mapping modules for mobile robots that are active in warehousing or manufacturing.

Values of our Company:

  • Customer First: We build solutions with the mindset of empowering the user. Anything that we build or develop is measured on its impact on our users.
  • Ownership: We expect our team members to own their projects and lead decision-making. That means going out of their way to validate their decisions rather than expecting others to make decisions.
  • Communication: Fundamental to our company, we strive for clear feedback and communication between our team members as and when required.

Selection Process:

  1. Introductory round to informally know each other better
  2. Behavioral Evaluation
  3. Technical round with live or take-home assignment to understand the approach and skillset
  4. All hands on board team meeting

First 90 Days:

  • First 30 days will be focused on getting a deep understanding of the existing product, solutions, firmware (navigation and mapping) stack, existing challenges, and goals.
  • 30-90 days would be focused on architecting and kicking off the development of the updated version of the mapping or navigation stack. This is a prototype-level stack with limited features to release as soon as possible to get customer feedback.

What we are looking for (you do not need to meet 100%):

  • Expert in ROS framework.
  • Expert in C++ with experience in launching 1-2 industrial grade modules
  • Strong knowledge of Gazebo, SLAM, Motion planning, and Robot Navigation.
  • Strong background in Mobile Robotics, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.
  • Field experience in deploying robots in manufacturing lines or warehouses.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strategic thinker who is also hands-on to get results
  • The ability to work well in a fast-paced, distributed environment is crucial.
  • Experience in building their own team and leading product developments for at least 2-3 software products


  • You will take responsibility for large-sized projects.
  • You will take full responsibility for core modules essential for the product's success
  • You will have to build teams for different verticals and lead product developments
  • Work extremely closely with full stack development and hardware teams
  • This will include design and architecture, evaluating and deciding which framework/language/data store/tools to use, and preparing roadmaps, and timely delivery.

Desired Skills and Languages (must have):
C++, Python, ROS.

Perks and Benefits:

  • Opportunity to be a part of a small team changing the way industrial automation exists
  • Complete freedom to explore and develop innovative solutions to our full-stack
  • Be a leader and build your own team as we expand
  • Competitive salary
  • Equity options
  • Flexible working hours and schedules