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PROBLEM: Patients who suffer from autoimmune disease accept chronic management of symptoms through nonspecific immunosuppressants as the standard of treatment. These treatments, along with medications ranging from cyclophosphamide to biologic therapies, are associated with an increased risk for infection as well as significant adverse effects. An optimal treatment strategy for autoimmune disease would target disease-associated antigens and limit systemic side effects. Many recent approaches focus on the development of curative, antigen-specific immunotherapies (ASI). However, the market has seen little clinical success. Preeminent immunologists have argued that a new delivery mechanism that maximizes efficacy is necessary to secure FDA approval for antigen-specific therapy. STATERA’S SOLUTION: Statera’s patented delivery technology, Spatiotemporally Tuned Particles (STP), adds temporal control to otherwise free-floating drug agents. Through encapsulation agents in STP, we can achieve optimized, sequential delivery to specific cellular targets and enhance bioavailability to reduce side effects and dosage frequency. STP supersedes the efficacy of a conventional nanoparticle delivery platform by as much as 150% in both treatment and prevention of MS in mice.

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