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Dubuque Trainer

American Customer Care

American Customer Care

Posted on Thursday, November 5, 2020

Job Description:

Facilitate new hire and on-going training to call center agents for one or more client programs while ensuring all agents are trained with the skill sets and knowledge bases for production. Responsible for ensuring resources are utilized efficiently, in accordance with contact center objectives and in ways that consistently promote customer quality and satisfaction.

Job Duties

  • Facilitate new hire training using curriculum provided by the client
  • Ensure all course material is prepared and available to students
  • Create and maintain a learning environment conducive for all participants
  • Deliver ongoing training classes to existing call center agents for new products, services, customer service skills, program changes, and market launches
  • Participate in train the trainer sessions
  • Assist in program development and participate in pilot sessions, where applicable
  • Facilitate "nesting" component to the new hires during final week of training
  • Assists the quality department in any gaps of quality assurance and 360-degree feedback
  • Adjust the training material to improve performance results
  • Evaluates agent call performance and asks agent to provide feedback on his/her call experience
  • Modify and develop course content and delivery methods as required
  • Participates in the review, evaluation and development of training delivery tools and systems
  • Other duties as assigned